Activities What to do?



Karuna is surrounded by forests and peaks on either side, with paths for a short forest stroll or an all day trek, with spectacular views, tropical forest and wildlife.  For the adventurous: one could walk down to Addukam, a remote and traditional village.  Spend the night there interacting with village folk and continue downwards, passing through coffee and cardamom plantations and forests, to Periakulam in the plains and return by bus up the hills. 

The cafe - meeting place, has several indoor games like carrom, chess, UNO, backgammon etc. It´s also a great place to interact with guests and meet different people. There is a small exchange library where you can swap your book or just read something intersting.

Generally do what you want to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. 


Aside from the morning yoga class which are free we also offer:

- Afternoon yoga or yoga nidra - on request
- Yoga for kids - on request
- Self practice options are available in the yoga center for those that wish to focus on their own practice
(such as meditation, yoga tai chi, etc) at a set donation price for a minimum of one week.


- Private pottery classes - only available on some months, please check for availability
- Spiritual library in the yoga center - books can be borrowed for free with a small deposit.