Today's housing industry is highly toxic. Environmentally it is full of toxic materials like cement, steel, glass, paints, fittings, the list goes on. Finally the result is that it costs so much that only the relatively rich can build a house.

Don't have the money but still want to own a house?
Take a mortgage and sign up 50 years of your life to the corporate bosses who will squeeze your energy. And if you don't fall in line, you lose your house! Fear - Insecurity - Enslavement - All for a human beings basic needs of shelter! This is toxic housing.

At Karuna we are evolving various systems whereby a house can be much cheaper. We have made a few houses with just mud for walls with beautiful artistic finish. A wood cabin is built from the wood of a tree we planted 18 years ago. Local wood, mud, stone, lime water, in other words one can use locally available materials. We build with functional design for light, air and water movement so you have a good shelter and can be free from the above toxic housing.

The Earthship is a wonderful concept of re-using waste and build a strong house. Tyre, bottles, tins and mud with proper design and you have a good house. Alex Leeor has built the first Earthship in India at Karuna Dham where after its concept has spread and various workshops on it have been held. For more details please see the Earthship page.

Each house is fixed with solar power energy. We also have a min hyrdo generator to give electricity for six months of the year whilst the stream is flowing. Karuna does not not use power from the national grid.

Sometimes friends call to find out the cricket match score because they have a power cut in town! We use less power, but we have no almost power cuts.