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My name is Nevil Moncher and I am a Mumbai-born Parsi, who came to live in solitude in Kodaikanal, South India in the 80s. I have been fighting to protect this pristine land ever since through a number of court cases to protect forests, lakes, close factories and illegal buildings, protecting and developing trees, wildlife, flora and fauna, as well as developing fair-trade for crops for locals, etc.

After nearly 10 years of environment activism I decided to ‘put to practice what you preach’. Since 2000 I have put my total energy into developing Karuna – an off-grid, sustainable community, to bring it to what it is today

Development Activities to date

Since the inception of Karuna Farm, the main activity has been planting fruit and indigenous shola trees. Eighty percent of the land, nearly 15 acres, has been covered with trees akin to a forest.

  • Eight houses have been built for permanent members to stay with their families including Earthship Karuna by Biotect Alex Leeor.
  • There are 10 cottages that can accommodate 25 people.
  • A beautiful Yoga Hall, built using a unique cob and earth technique, that can accommodate 25 people. Daily Yoga classes are held there.
  • Several workshops have been held to train 100’s of students in eco building with Earthship Biotecture, cob and other earthen style homes.
  • Yoga Retreats and Organic Farming workshops have also been carried out. People come to experience an alternative lifestyle.
  • A one-acre plot is solar fenced and has been prepared to grow vegetables, where students have come to learn organic farming.
  • There is a cowshed with a fenced grazing plot ready for breeding and propagating indigenous cows.
  • The community space has a full-fledged kitchen and dining area. There are some indoor games, WIFI and music for guests to meet and socialize.