MARCH 2023


Karuna Dham is showing humanity how to make one’s life a success.

The essence of Yoga is to appreciate and link with The Creator of everything- isha vashya idam sarvam. Just as we wash, eat, sleep, work to keep the body fit, a perfectly balanced, material and spiritual life, automatically also revolves around The Creator – God. Like when one gets up, he does Surya Namashkar, then meditation, devotion or  bhakti yoga, ashtanga yoga, he eats but after offering the food to the Lord. How to do service and make income in the spirit of karma yoga. For pro-creation, in the Bhagavat Gita Krishna says “I am that sex life which is not contradictory to dharma. Even while sleeping practice Nindra yoga”.

As Shrila Prabhupada would often say “ You do not have to give up anything just add Krishna to your life”

At Karuna Dham the Yoga Retreat Package including boarding and lodging will enable the members to practically witness, participate and learn the above yogic practices for the soul. For the body, Living in harmony with Nature includes organic farming, self-sufficiency, off grid energy, forestation, bio-architecture housing, sustainable living and the like. A perfect balancing of material and spiritual and energies. 

At the heart of Karuna is a beautiful eco yoga center.

Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline that has been created for the purpose of reaching self raising. This traditional Indian path and practice date back over 4000 years ago. Nowadays, yoga is known worldwide for its many physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

For more information and to contact us: Kodaikanalyoga.com