Earthship Biotecture

About Earthships

It is not so much "how to build" as how to choose techniques and materials appropriate to a given situation. People have a false nation that the only good house is one made of industrialized materials. The emphasis here is on making use of "ingenious systems "of housing design which have evolved to fit local conditions. Making maximum use of materials such as mud, stone and wood. 

This approach to building is fast attracting international attention due to its incredible performance as a self sufficient building. It is the most sustainable approach to building and living that can be found. 

Earthships can lend themselves to self builds for poor communities, and to cheap self builds It can also be adapted to luxurious living; and yet still being carbon balanced in the truest sense of the word. Going green doesn't have to mean sacrificing your creature comforts if you don't want to. It simply means, in this case, working in harmony with the planet, and local resources; and as a result yourself.

Green Building Design Principles

◦ Electricity: From the sun 
◦ Water: From rain, used four times.
◦ Sewage: Treated on site in botanical planters.
◦ Heating and Cooling: From the sun and the earth.
◦ Food: Grow inside and outside. 
◦ Earthships can be built in any climate, anywhere in the world. 
◦ Earthships allow you to live in harmony with the environment, with security, modern amenities, a higher return on your investment and a low risk/high value asset.


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